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An inspirational sports documentary feature that chronicles the life of star college football player who died of cancer in 1989

LOS ANGELES, January 6th 2014 – Sal Aunese was the University of Colorado’s star Samoan quarterback who died of stomach cancer in 1989, and his team promptly dedicated their season to him.  Through reflections from his friends, family, and teammates, as well as rare archival footage, Born To Lead chronicles Sal’s rise to the top as one of his team’s most valuable players and his valiant battles with the disease that took his life in 1989.

Reminiscent of such poignant sports films of the past such as Brian’s Song and RudyBorn To Lead is a rousing story of courage, friendship, and living life against the most brutal of obstacles.

Although scheduled for a September 2014 release, there is still work that needs to be done on the film, which is why the producers have taken to Kickstarter to help raise funds.  With a target date of Jan. 24, 2014 to reach their goal of raising $22,000, the producers of Born To Lead are seeking these funds in order to combine archival images, audio, CGI, and editing in to the most compelling, exciting, and entertaining story possible.  Since technology has changed so drastically in the past twenty-five years, it became extremely expensive to transfer all of the archival footage to honor the integrity of the film.

“We turned to Kickstarter because we believe that this is the best vehicle to let you – the audience – be a contributing part of this film’s success,” says producer George Antonopoulos “And we’re just at a point where these final dollars will help us push it in for Sal.”

About the Filmmakers

Lara Slife (director) and George Antonopoulos (producer), the founding partners of Livin’ Large Productions, LLC, a boutique theatrical and film production company based in Los Angeles, have produced several theatrical productions in New York City where it all began.  Projects include work by such greats as David Mamet, Lee Blessing, Neil Simon, and John Patrick. They have several projects in development and attribute their success to their unrelenting pursuit of the story.  Lara graduated with honors from Texas Christian University.  George graduated from University of Colorado and entered university the same semester as Sal Aunese.

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